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Rack dismantling is the process of taking apart a pallet racking system which can include; Selective Pallet Racking, Cantilever Rack, High Density Racking including Push Back, Pallet Flow, Drive In and Carton Flow.  These systems are used to store and organize pallets of goods in a warehouse or distribution center. This process is typically done when the racking system needs to be relocated, reconfigured, or removed altogether.

Worldwide Rack Solutions dismantling process involves disassembling the all of the rack components in a safe and systematic manner to prevent damage to the racking system and surrounding structures.

The process typically involves removing the decking, beams, uprights, and other components, and then Worldwide Rack Solutions will disassemble them into manageable bundles according to spec for transportation or storage.

Pallet rack dismantling requires specialized equipment and knowledge to ensure that the process is completed safely and efficiently. Worldwide Rack Solutions’ years of experience and there professional team have the necessary tools and expertise to carry out the dismantling process.

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