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Pallet rack repair refers to the process of fixing damaged or broken components of a pallet racking system. More often than not, it is the front leg of an upright that gets damaged by a forklift or reach truck/order picker. Pallet racking is used to store and organize pallets of goods in a warehouse or distribution center, and over time, the racking system may become damaged due to forklift impacts.


Worldwide Rack Solutions repairs damaged racking because it can be a cost-effective way to extend the life of a racking system and maintain a safe and efficient warehouse operation. Ideally, Worldwide Rack Solutions can conduct regular inspections to help identify potential issues before they become more serious problems that require extensive repairs or replacements. The repair process typically begins with an assessment of the damage and an evaluation of whether the damaged components can be repaired or need to be replaced.


Worldwide Rack Solutions has repaired hundreds of damaged uprights and has the expertise to not only conduct a rack survey but to repair and install a rack repair kit designed not only to repair the damage but to prevent future damage to the upright.

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