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Pallet Rack Acquisitions

Pallet Rack Acquisitions

Are you looking to sell your existing racking?


Worldwide Rack Solutions is your rack acquisition partner. We are consistently looking to purchase used racking from our customers. In many cases our customers are either updating their warehouse space or in some cases closing and moving to a new facility. When one of our customers is in that situation, we are always looking to buy there used racking.


Are you looking to sell your used racking? Do you have extra racking from a recent install or simply moving and need to sell of your storage racking? Look no further, as long as the material is in good condition and not damaged, we can easily make you an offer.


Because Worldwide Rack Solutions is also an installer and dismantler, we can easy take down any of the used racking and bundle it into more manageable sections. We can also arrange for the shipping of the material.


We can acquire, selective pallet racking, cantilever racking, any high density racking and other warehouse material such as used mezzanines and conveyor. Let us know how we can help clear out any used warehouse material.

Are you looking for New racking?

Are you looking for Used racking?

Our satisfied customers come back to us time and time again for all of their racking needs.


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