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Selective pallet racking is a type of warehouse storage system that is designed to maximize storage capacity while allowing for easy access to individual pallets. Typically these racking systems are made up of bays, consisting of uprights, beams and wire decking. Uprights are also known as “frames” and wired decking can be replaced with wood or other material like “punch deck”. When constructing rows of selective racking, it starts with a single bay and then adding on to it eventually creating a “row”. Some rows are single while other can be back to back generally attached by a row spacer.


Selective Pallet Rack is one of the most common types of racking systems used in warehouses and distribution centers.


In selective pallet racking, pallets are stored on horizontal beams that are supported by vertical frames. The beams can be adjusted to different heights to accommodate pallets of varying sizes. The pallets are typically accessed using a forklift.


The term “selective” refers to the fact that individual pallets can be selected and accessed without having to move other pallets. This makes selective pallet racking a good choice for warehouses that need to store a large number of different products with varying turnover rates.


Selective pallet racking is popular because it offers a high level of flexibility, allowing warehouses to adapt to changing storage needs. It also allows for efficient use of space, as pallets can be stacked high while still allowing for easy access.

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